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How to obtain a State License for your Home Health Care Agency?

21st Century Health Care Consultants will get you licensed and accredited, guaranteed! Starting a Home Health Care Business is a demanding task. Legal registration and permits for running the business are required, but the most demanding item is the submission of the required State License application and preparation for the subsequent State License inspection.

Hiring a Home Health Care Consultant

Consider hiring a Home Health Care Consultant that is knowledgeable about setting up Home Health Care agencies in your state. A good consultant can simplify and expedite the licensing process, assuring you pass the State License inspection, train your personnel on how to operate the agency and develop the Home Health Care Manuals that you will need in order to comply with state and federal laws.

Registrations for Opening a Home Health Care Agency

The Home Health Business needs to be registered to be a legally operating business in the United States.  According to, each state has a set of requirements or rules regarding business registration. You will need to register the Home Health Business under the state laws in your state. Set up the business entity that will best fit your needs. Typically this will be a sub-chapter S corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC). If you have an existing corporation or LLC, these entities can be used, as you may wish to obtain an assumed or fictitious name to identify your Home Health Care Agency.

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A Tax ID and NPI Number is required to open a Home Health Care Business

To open a Home Health Care Agency you will need to apply for a Federal TAX ID and a National Provider Identifier Number (NPI number). These can be obtained at the respective websites, or by a member of our team.  When you register your company with your state you will get information pertaining to your state tax ID and the payment of state income taxes and employment taxes for the business should it require additional assistance.

Home Health Care Licensing

Some states do not accept license applications unless it can be proven through a Certificate of Need application that the need for a Home Health Care Agency is pressing (CON's are difficult, if not impossible to obtain and they typically require a significant and non-refundable filing fee). Most states, at present, allow the establishment of new Home Health Care Agencies without a Certificate of Need Application. Furthermore, some states do not require the submission of a State License application. 21st Century Health Care Consultants completes all license applications for its clients. You will be provided a three hole binder which will include the completed Home Health Care License Application and all required attachments. An index will be provided as the front cover and the package in its entirety will be mailed to the client who will sign where indicated.  The client will then attach a check for the license fee and mail the book in its entirety to the state authority. This approach organizes the application package for the person reviewing it and avoids the possible misplacement of documents. This will ensure the immediate approval without a need for corrections.

The content of the licensure applications vary from state to state, but there are always three common components: 1.  Proof of agency authorization must be provided 2.  Criminal Background Checks must be conducted 3.  Proof must be provided that key staff members (typically, Administrators and Director(s) of Nursing) are qualified under state regulations. The amount of proof and the number of forms that states require to substantiate items 1-3 above varies greatly from state to state. Hence, applications may be as short as five pages or as long at 55 pages depending on the state you are located in. Unless an applicant fails to sign the application or fails to provide the required fee, the application will not be sent back to the applicant. Instead, if the application is not filled out properly a letter of corrections or omissions will be sent to the applicant and the applicant will be given anywhere from 15 days to 30 days to make the corrections. If the state is not satisfied with the response the application will then be rejected. For this reason alone, you may want to consider hiring a consultant. The most common reason for an application to be rejected is that the state determines that either an Administrator or a Director of Nursing is not qualified to hold their positions. 21st Century Health Care Consultants will not allow a license application to be submitted unless we are certain that the staff members qualify. Every state that requires a license application will also require a license inspection that will either be conducted by its own inspectors or by an Accrediting body.  In most states licensure inspection will take place before a license is issued. All other states will issue a provisional license and then follow up with an inspection visit.

Alabama Minnesota
Alabama Department of Human Resources Minnesota Department of Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-334-242-1310 Public Information Number: 1-651-296-6117
Alaska Mississippi
Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Mississippi Department of Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-907-465-3030 Public Information Number: 1-800-345-6347
Arizona Missouri
Arizona Department of Economic Security Missouri Department of Social Services
Public Information Number: 1-602-542-4791 Public Information Number: 1-800-735-246 or 1-573-751-4815
Arkansas Montana
Arkansas Department of Human Services (ADHS) Montana Dept of Public Health &; Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-351-682-8635 Public Information Number: 1-406-444-5622
California Nebraska
California Department of Social Services Nebraska Health and Human Services System
Public Information Number: 1-916-455-6951 or 1-916-654-3345 Public Information Number: 1-402-471-9433
Colorado Nevada
Colorado Department of Human Services Nevada Department of Human Resources
Public Information Number: 1-303-866-5700 Public Information Number: 1-775-687-5000
Connecticut New Hampshire
Connecticut Department of Social Services New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-800-824-1358 Public Information Number: 1-603-271-4685
Delaware New Jersey
Delaware Department of Health and Social Services New Jersey Department of Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-302-577-4352 Public Information Number: 1-609-292-5325
District of Columbia New Mexico
D.C. Department of Human Services New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department
Public Information Number: 1-202-INFO-211 (1-202-463-6211) Public Information Number: 1-355-827-7602
  New Mexico Human Services Department
  Public Information Number: 1-355-827-7735
Florida New York
Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Office of Children & Family Services
Public Information Number: (888) 419-3456  
  New York State Department of Health
  Public Information Number: 1-518-474-5422
Georgia North Carolina
Georgia Department of Human Resources North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-404-651-6314 Public Information Number: 1-919-733-4534
Hawaii North Dakota
Hawaii Department of Human Services North Dakota Department of Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-808-586-4997 Public Information Number: 1-701-328-2310
Idaho Pennsylvania
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-208-334-6558 Public Information Number: 1-800-692-7462
Illinois Rhode Island
Illinois Department of Human Services Rhode Island Department of Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-217-557-1601 Public Information Number: 1-401-462-2121
Indiana South Carolina
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration SC Department of Health & Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-317-233-4690 Public Information Number: 1-803-898-2350
Iowa Tennessee
Iowa Department of Human Services Tennessee Department of Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-515-281-3147 Public Information Number: 1-615-313-4707
Kansas Texas
Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Public Information Number: 1-785-296-3271  
Kentucky Utah
Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Utah Department of Health
Public Information Number: 1-352-564-7042 Public Information Number: 1-801-538-6101
  Utah Department of Human Services
  Public Information Number: 1-801-538-4001
Louisiana Vermont
Louisiana Department of Social Services Vermont Agency of Human Services
Public Information Number: 1-225-342-7475 Public Information Number: 1-802-241-2220
Maine Washington
Maine Department of Health and Human Services Washington Department of Social and Health Services
Public Information Number: 1-207-287-3707 Public Information Number: 1-360-902-7800
Maryland West Virginia
Maryland Department of Human Resources West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
Public Information Number: 1-800-332-6347 or 1-410-767-7109 Public Information: 1-304-558-0684
Massachusetts Wisconsin
Massachusetts Department of Social Services Wisconsin Dept of Health and Family Services
Public Information Number: 1-617-748-2000 Public Information Number: 1-608-266-9622
Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services  
Public Information Number: 1-617-727-7600  
Michigan Wyoming
Michigan Department of Community Health Wyoming Department of Health
Public Information Number: 1-517-373-3740 Public Information Number: 1-307-777-7656
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