Why Medicare Accreditation is Important

Medicare Accreditation is regarded as one of the key benchmarks for measuring the quality of a Home Health Care Agency, along with its products and services. In the US, standard setting by industry leaders with peer review is widely accepted.

Preparing for Accreditation will disclose the Home Health Care Agency’s strengths and weaknesses. Staging of the process provides information for management to make decisions regarding operations, whether they are business or patient-care related, in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency of Home Health Care Business performance. In other words, organizational self-examination should result in better planning, implementation and further evaluation of all processes. Not to mention, Accreditation will allow you allow you to bill Medicare (Medicare Certification) as well as taking part in your states Medicaid programs (Medicaid Certification).

The Accreditation process will provide a catalyst for organizational management strategy. The onsite Survey validates the application of those strategies and determines if the Home Health Care Agency is actually performing according to the goals and objectives it has adopted in its system.

Successful Accreditation can reap many benefits for the Home Health Care Agency. The following is a list of typical results of Home Health Care Agencies who have successfully completed Accreditation.

  • Ability to develop your Home Health Care Agency’s true Competitive Edge
  • Better business plan for your Home Health Care Agency
  • Improved Home Health Policies that are Accreditation Compliant
  • More effective and efficient Home Health operations
  • Stronger risk management strategies for your Home Care Agency
  • Reduction in incidents
  • Enhanced team awareness
  • Credibility with government and third-party payers, granting Medicare Certification, Medicaid Certification and the ability to bill insurance companies
  • Marketing edge; let your clients know you are Medicare Accredited by one of the accrediting bodies
  • Greater customer trust once Accreditation is achieved
  • Professional self-respect
  • Accreditation allows you to raise your standards of excellence and be a health care leader in your community.  It is a patient care marketing tool. Your Patients do come first.
  • By being Accredited, you are able to work with all HMO Providers. Many HMO providers (possibly all in the near future) require a Home Health Care Agency to be Accredited.
  • By being Accredited, you are able to work with all hospitals. Many hospitals (possibly all in the near future) require Home Health Care Agencies to be Medicare Certified.
  • Be ahead of the curve when it comes to changes in FUTURE state Home Health Care regulations.

Medicare Certification is required for all new home health care agencies.

Possible changes in Home Health regulations may require all existing Home Care Agencies to be accredited through Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), or The Joint Commission (JCAHO).

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